Google+ Email Validation & Verification Software

Email Validation & Verification Software

Email List Validator

Email List Validator & Verification Software

"Clean Your Email List from Bad Email Addresses and Invalid Domains and Increase Your Email Campaign Deliverability"

Xtrabulk Email Verifier is a low cost solution that will increase the performance of your Email Marketing Campaigns without breaking the bank...!

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Domain Validation

Removes all email addresses containing invalid & inactive domains.

Spam-Trap Removal

Detect all emails matching the built-in 2Million+ spam-trap indicators. 

Syntax Verifier

Detects email address containing invalid syntax.

Disposable Email Detection

Disposable email addresses (DEA) detection of 2500+ (DEA) such as Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, GuerrillaMail.

Role Email Detection

Role Email detection such as support@, webmaster@, noreply@ etc...

Free Email Providers Detection

Free Email detection such as,, etc...

Fast processing

Fast processing up to 20 emails/second depending on your server allocated memory and processor.

Easy to understand Reports

Generated reports can be downloaded as CSV file with headers so you can easily sort and filter results.

100% Privacy Guaranteed

Complete mailing lists privacy since all the operations are done on your own server or computer and no mailing lists are logged on our server.

No Long contracts, No 3rd party API's, No Credits to buy... Just One Time Fee

$49 One Time Fee

Instant Download After Payment  



What are the minimum requirements needed to run the software?

- Any PC or server capable to running PHP files

- PHP version 5.6

- 1GB of RAM 1G Processor

- Ioncube loaders for PHP 5.6

Does the App perform real time SMTP validation?

No, the App doesn't perform real time SMTP validation to check if the email user exists or no as it requires complex setup and many ISP and email providers will block your IP and or send fake report when they detect many requests, and some email providers doesn't allow SMTP validation at all unless you get their permission to do so. If you require SMTP validation please contact us for an alternative solution.

Can I run the software on my PC/computer?

Yes you can you will just need to download and install a Free webserver such as EasyPHP or Wamp

Can I modify the PHP source code on my own?

No, the source code is encoded if you wish to buy the full open source version please contact us

Do you provide updates?

Yes for sure, whenever there will be any updates we will send you an email and you can download updates for as low as $5 per update.

Do you offer customization?

Yes we can customize the application accroding to your needs for an additional fees.

Do you offer refunds?

No we don't offer refunds. Please try our online Free version before buying.