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White Label XtraBulk All-In-One Mobile & Social Marketing Software

XtraBulk All-In-One Mobile & Social Marketing White Label Software

XtraBulk is a PHP online Inbound & Outbound Mobile & Social Marketing Platform that you can you can use online to manage Mobile Marketing campaigns such as: Bulk SMS, Voice Broadcasting and Social Media accounts such as: Twitter,  Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. XtraBulk is also capable of creating Web Forms to capture leads. These leads can be inserted to a built-in CRM where you can follow up with your leads using any of the built-in Mobile & Social Marketing Channels.

Launch Your Own Mobile & Social Marketing Software or Marketing Agency in 1 Day!

The #1 White Label Mobile & Social Marketing Software

Hosted On Our Server Or Your Own Server, Your Domain, Your Logo, Your Name, Your Plans, Your Users, Your Custom Look & Feel

Quick Videos

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Live Demo: Before making any payments we highly encourage you to test drive our application For Free

on our server by self registering a Free account here

Please note that some features such as access to Super Admin settings are not available for the live demo, please contact us to arrange a personalized demo

Xtrabulk All-In-One is available in 2 versions:

1- On premises (Hosted on your own server):

  • Free Installation on your own server
  • Only core PHP files are encoded (Encrypted)
  • CSS & design related files can be customized (e.g. change logo, fonts, colors, menu etc...)
  • Can be hosted on Linux Shared hosting (Linux VPS is Recommended)
  • Supported Bulk SMS Gateways: Ozeki NG, NowSMS, Cardboardfish, Twilio any other HTTP SMS API can be implemented on demand for an extra fee
  • Supported Bulk Email SMTP Relays: Any SMTP relay provider such as or you can send directly from your server mail server (sending directly from your own mail server is not recommended for large volumes.


  • Lifetime License with 1 year support & updates 1950 Euro 
  • Lifetime License with 6 month support & updates 1650 Euro 
  • Lifetime License with 3 month support & updates 1250 Euro 
  • Lifetime License with 1 month support & updates 750 Euro 


*All above prices are one time payment - Lifetime License for 1 domain only
*extra domain license can be purchased at €240 EUR per domain
*All above licenses can remove our branding
*All above licenses are entitled to Free installation
*Optional: Extra 1 Month of support & updates costs €150 EUR/Month


What does it mean Encoded Source Code?
Files related to design are not encoded and you will be able to change all design aspects only core PHP files & classes related to sending & receiving are encoded.
Will the software still work if I don't renew support & updates?
Yes it will still work and you don't have to pay us any monthly fee or buy from us any credits
2- Hosted on our server

Xtrabulk All-In-One Hosted White Label has 4 modules as below:

You can get all 4 modules under 1 White Label installation as a Bundle or you can chose which module/s you need.

Chose what you need... Get what you pay for

If you buy SMS from us:

·       No setup fee

·       No monthly fees

·       Global Bulk SMS coverage

·       Requires initial minimum deposit of 300 Euro

·       Lowest Bulk SMS Wholesale pricing Contact Us

·       Once you consume all your initial deposit you will need to make a minimum deposit of 50 Euro to keep your SMS module active, installations with zero balance for more than 30 days will be deleted

·       Click her to see SMS module features

If you will use your own SMS Gateway:

·       One time setup fee 250 Euro (only if your SMS gateway is not supported, we support NowSMS & Ozeki NG)

·       Monthly fee 150 Euro if you don’t have Xtrabulk AIO White Label bundle

·       Click her to see SMS module features


         If you buy Email Credits from us:

·       No setup fee

·       No monthly fees

·       Requires initial minimum deposit of 300 Euro

·       Once you consume all your initial deposit you will need to make a minimum deposit of 50 Euro to keep your Email Marketing module active, installations with zero balance for more than 30 days will be deleted

Email Marketing Credits Pricing  
Package Name Credits Price/Credit In Euro Price In Euro
Xtra50k 50,000 0.001 50 € 
Xtra100k 100,000 0.0009 90 € 
Xtra200k 200,000 0.00075 150 € 
Xtra500K 500,000 0.00065 325 € 
Xtra1000K 1,000,000 0.00055 550 € 

*All above purchased Credits doesn't expire

*All online purchases are manually verified and it might take 1 - 12 hours before adding the credits to your account

·       Click here to see Email Marketing module features

         If you will use your own SMTP Email Provider:

·       One time setup fee 50 Euro

·       Monthly fee 150 Euro if you don’t have Xtrabulk AIO White Label bundle

·       PHP Mail function is not enabled you need to have a commercial SMTP Email Provider

·       No credits to buy from us, your sending limits is defined by your own SMTP provider

·       Click here to see Email Marketing module features

·       Onetime setup fee 50 Euro

·       Monthly fee 150 Euro if you don’t have Xtrabulk AIO White Label bundle

·       Click here to see Social module features


Xtrabulk All-In-One White Label Bundles:

·        Xtrabulk All-In-One 4 Modules 300 Euro/Month (SMS & Email Marketing Credits purchased from us)

·        Xtrabulk All-In-One 4 Modules 500 Euro/Month (SMS & Email Marketing using your own provider)

·        Xtrabulk All-In-One 3 Modules 250 Euro/Month (SMS & Email Marketing Credits purchased from us)

·        Xtrabulk All-In-One 3 Modules 350 Euro/Month (SMS & Email Marketing using your own provider)

·        Xtrabulk All-In-One 2 Modules 150 Euro/Month (SMS & Email Marketing Credits purchased from us)

·        Xtrabulk All-In-One 2 Modules 250 Euro/Month (Social Marketing & SMS Or Email Marketing using your own provider)



Mobile Marketing
Bulk SMS & Voice Broadcasting Flexible SMS Routing Pricing: Define SMS price per user/Mobile Operator - Prefix
  Powerful SMS Routing: Define SMS Gateway termination/Mobile Operator - Prefix
  Show/Hide SMS pricing table from users
  Supports Latin & Unicode SMS (Arabic, Turkish, Chinese etc...)
  2Way SMS (Incoming "Inbound" SMS) users can reply directly to received SMS
  Send Bulk Personalized SMS
  Queue sending system with Start/Pause option  
  Support long SMS (more than 160 characters for English & more than 70 characters for Unicode)
  Detailed reporting system - SMS DLR
  Supports SMS Virtual Numbers (SMS Longcodes or SMS Short Codes)
  Email notification when User runs out of credits
Social Marketing
Social Admin  
  Create monthly subscriptions bundles to your users  
  Enable/disable features for each user based on bundles  
  Allocate disk space for each user based on bundles  

Add and manage Unlimited number of Twitter accounts for a single interface


Monitor your Twitter followers


Twitter auto follow and unfollow


Twitter auto Direct Message(DM) new followers


schedule Tweets


Twitter search & mass follow new users


Auto Follow all of your Twitter accounts


Publish the same Tweet to all of your accounts at once or schedule them


Check twitter API limits respect Twitter policy and not to exceed it


Search Instagram Media by Hash Tag


Search Users by keyword

  display user profile with full information (follows, Followers, likes, comments, pictures, website, bio)

Share Instagram posts on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin


Display Popular Media

  Manage all of your Facebook Pages, Groups and Events (Bulk Import Option)
  Supports text, image, link, video, images slide show & images album posts
  Facebook notification when a campaign is completed
  Manage all of your Youtube channels
  Customize Youtube upload options
  Edit, Add Watermark, Crop, Slice Videos before posting
Social Content Creation  
  Create & Add watermark, special effects to your photos. Crop and resize photos
  Edit your photos and videos before posting
  Create tile of screenshots, cut and join chunks from videos, capture still screenshots
  Generate Meme from any photo
  Create video slideshow from photos
  Download images from any link
  Download videos into your account from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Facebook 
  Comment bumping & advanced post deletion based on insights
  Analytics of created posts & Campaigns
  Feed Mass Clean Up from your fan page/profile/group (mass delete)
  Post auto and personalized tagging
Email Marketing
Email Marketing Admin  
  Create unlimted features bundles
  Enable/disable fetaures for each bundle
  Allocate Email credits for each user
  Define each user sending limit per day/hour 
HTML Email Templates Choose from 100's of industry-specific email templates to get started creating your email.
Email Personalization Personalize your email using custom fields such as first name, age or company name.
Built-In Spam Score Helps increase email delivery
Automatic Bounce Handling Bounced emails are processed and removed automatically, meaning your list is always clean.
Email scheduling schedule it to go out at a later more convenient time.
Multiple Autoresponders Based on certain recepients actions that you define e.g. email open or link clicked
Deatiled Reporting  Detailed reporting who opened, clicked a link, unsubscribed etc...
and much more... Surveys, Web forms, Triggers, Mini CRM, Contacts segmentation etc...
General Options
Contacts Management Create contacts groups, import/export contacts
Media Management Upload & display/play Images, Videos, Audios
Super Admin General Settings
General Settings Add and manage unlimited users
  2 levels of account access level Super Admin, Member
  Define default Free credits for self registered users
  Enable/Disable Debug mode
  Purge Database Tables
  Enable/Disable certain services for each user
  Email notification when User runs out of credits



Where can I find Help topics for using the software?

Help topics can be found here and also found after you login to the application under help topics menu 

Can I order feature customization?

Yes, please contact us with full description of your inquiry and we will give you a quotation

Do you offer refunds?

No we don't offer refunds, we offer Free fully functional demo at our server. If you are not sure that our services meets your needs please don't purchase.

What payment options do you support?

We accept Bank Wire Transfers as well as all major credit cards supported by PayPal.

Unfortunately Paypal payments are currently disabled as there is a technical problem being solved between our Bank and Paypal 

How long it takes to setup my White Label instalation?

We do our best to make your installation ready as soon as possible, it might be ready within 6 - 12 hours after we receive your payment

How can do I pay to enable my White Label Installation?

Once you decide which module or bundle you need please Contact Us to send you invoice with payment instructions

Can I buy the full open source code and hosted on my server?

Yes, It is possible please Contact Us for more details





Options & Limits for each Module

Social Marketing  
Social Posts Per Month
Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
Facebook page, group, event Unlimited
Twitter Bulk Follow, Unfollow Unlimited
Social Profile Per Type Unlimited
Social Timeline Stream Yes
Album Post Yes
Slideshow Post Yes
Media Folders Unlimited
Campaigns Unlimited
Campaign Groups Unlimited
Advanced Campaign Scheduling Yes
RSS Feed Automation Unlimited
Social Feed Auto Cleaner Yes
Allowed Storage 10GB
Image Editor Yes
Video Editor Yes
Image Watermark Maker Yes
Video Watermark Maker Yes
Meme Generator Yes
HTML 2 Image Creator Yes
Image Downloader Yes
Video Downloader Yes
Bulk Group & Event Importer Yes
Email Marketing  
Email Credits Custom
Email Auto responder Yes
Website Forms Yes
Custom Fields Yes
Create Segments Yes
Split Testing Yes
Surveys Yes
Bulk SMS & 2way SMS  
Bulk SMS Credits


SMS Virtual Number for 2way SMS Purchased separately please Contact Us
White Label Options  
Dedicated IP
Use your own domain/sub domain
Isolated Hosting Environment Yes
Remove Copyrights Yes
Dedicated Support Yes




Legal Disclaimer - Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram: This code is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Twitter nietherInstagram or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries. Our application depends on their official API.